General information

Agriculture is one of the most important fields in our country's economy. Historically, the vast majority of Azerbaijanis are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and our country has always been in the forefront of agricultural development in the Soviet era. After restoration of independence, the development of all areas of agriculture in our country was the main goal. It is also aimed at promoting the development of agriculture within the framework of the document titled "The main directions of the strategic road map for key sectors of the national economy and major sectors of economy ", approved by the Presidential Decree of March 16, 2016. This means that the sustainable development of agriculture and its transformation into a competitive sector is a strategic target. The achievement of the goal will contribute to the development of multi-faceted agriculture in Azerbaijan and to ensure food security. The solution of all these issues will create favorable environment for the development of the competitive agricultural sector in the country.

The main purpose of "State Agro Trade Company" is to support the agricultural policy concept implemented by the state, to achieve the development of agricultural products producers by providing access to the country's agricultural products to local, global markets, to increase the production of agricultural products, thereby contributing to the economy of the country.

"State Agro Trade Company" LLC carries out its activity in the following main directions:

  • the demand and supply of agricultural products within and outside of the country are investigated;
  • a sales strategy is developed based on the acquired data;
  • establishing a link between customers and farmers;
  • the promotion of export-oriented production and the steps necessary for the localization of local products;
  • Assistance is provided to producers in providing financial support for the production of products in accordance with the demand for agricultural products in local and global markets;
  • organizes preparation and sale of products for joint production by negotiating with official bodies of foreign countries and international organizations;
  • participates in bringing local products to export to international quality standards;
  • recommendations are given to producers to increase sales to meet the needs of local and global markets;
  • appropriate proposals are made for the storage of the products and delivery of the products to the procuring entity in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded with that organization;
  • learning best practices in the field of sales of products, stocking and supply of foodstuffs, carrying out personnel training and international cooperation in this area.