1) What is the main area of activities of the State Agro Trade Company?

The activity of the State Agro Trade Company is to become an intermediary in the establishment of relations between customers and farmers, to support their access to local and global markets, to disseminate educational bulletin boards and other publications in the agrarian sector.

2) Who are the founders of the State Agro Trade Company?

The State Agro Trade Company was established under the Ministry of Agriculture and 100% of its shares are owned by the State Limited Liability Company.

3) What are the rules of cooperation with your company? How can I apply?

You can get a detailed answer to this question from the cooperation section of the company.

4) How can I get a job in your company?

Follow our website and our social network pages to work in our company. Please contact us as soon as the vacancies are announced or send your CV to and our staff will contact you when there are appropriate vacancies.

5) I have a product. Can you help me to sell products?

The State Agro Trade Company provides mediation services to farmers and customers in building their trade relations. You can register your own product by calling the weekly (9: 00-17: 00) +99450 400 8899 or writing to our social network pages at Our staff will contact you as soon as possible, and will assist you in the sale of your product.

6) I want to buy agricultural products. Can you help me to find the product that I want to buy?

Of course, the State Agro Trade Company has a large-scale based on agricultural products. You can apply for the product you want to purchase by calling  weekly (9: 00-17: 00) +99450 400 8899 or by writing to our social network pages at You will be contacted and assisted as soon as possible.

7) How can I call you?

To contact us you can call weekly (9: 00-17: 00) +99450 400 8899. At the same time, you can also address your questions on our social networks. Our staff will contact you and help you as soon as possible. Thank you for your appeal.

8) It is impossible to get in touch with the mentioned number, I have to wait long in the queue. Why is this so? How can I contact you?

Depending on the number of incoming calls to the call center, the standby time may be longer. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can send us your request via our site, our social network accounts, as well as or by calling +99450 400 8899. Your application will be answered as soon as possible.

9) What is your address?

Our address is Sabail district, Nizami street 92.

10) I want to meet with your company management and talk about cooperation.What are the reception times?

Call +99450 400 8899 and make your appointment, it will be registered and contacted, and the appropriate time will be set for the meeting. You can also submit your application to in writing.