Rules for cooperation

The main purpose of "State Agro Trade Company" is to support the agrarian policy concept implemented by the state, to achieve development of producers of agricultural products by providing access to agricultural products produced in the country to local and global markets in a comfortable, smooth and competitive ways, to increase production, thereby contributing to the country's economy.

To achieve this goal, our Company is open to cooperate with all entrepreneurs, farmers, companies and organizations engaged in agriculture.

Collaboration principles 

For producers

      • The farmer applies to the State Agro Trade Company and provides detailed information about the product he/she wants to sell.
      • The product is reviewed based on the application, the quality of the product is checked according to the relevant rules and standards.
      • The farmer's application is registered, the buyer is found and sales are made.


For customers

    • The customer applies to the State Agro Trade Company for the agricultural product he/she provides detailed information about the product that he/she wants to buy
    • On the basis of the application, farmers’ products are offered to the customer
    • Upon receipt of the relevant agreement between the Customer and the State Agro Trade Company, a mediation contract is concluded and sales are made.