Decisions and orders of Cabinet of Ministers

On approval of rules for applying discounts for newly taken, leased and ledged techniques by "Agroleasing" JSC

Approval of Rules for leasing of agricultural machinery and technological equipment belonging to "Agroleasing" JSC to legal entities and individuals and implementation of necessary actions for organization of activity "Agroleasing" JSC


Provision of agricultural products producers with fuel and motor oils used for the cultivation of the sown area, as well as grants from state budget funds for wheat and paddy sowing, and "On Approval of the Rules of Sale by Agroleasing JSC and other legal entities and natural persons, to producers of agricultural products with concessional mineral fertilizers” On Amendments to Resolution No. 32 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 15, 2007


"Provision of Agricultural Products Producers with Fuel and Motor Oils Used to Grow Cultivate Fields, as well as Provisions for Assistance by State Budget Funds for Wheat, Paddy, Cotton and Tobacco," and "Agroleasing" JSC and other legal and natural persons On approval of Rules for the sale of mineral fertilizers, biohumus and pesticides to producers of products"


On Amendments to Resolution 91 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 22, 1998 "On Rates of Customs Duties on Export-Import Operations in the Republic of Azerbaijan"


On Approval of "Rules for Assigning Land to Categorization and Their Transfer from One Category to Another"