The presentation of products “Kənddən Şəhərə” was held

01 / 03 / 2019
The presentation of products “Kənddən Şəhərə” was held

Under the Ministry of Agriculture State Agro Trade Company held the presentation of branded products, the so-called online sales platform and mobile application under the “Kənddən Şəhərə” brand.

During presentation Head of the Office of Ministry of Agriculture Agil Guliyev stated that the main activity of the State Agro Trade Company is to support the sale of products of small and medium farmers to ensure the population of the country with quality and healthy agricultural products, thereby achieving the development of agricultural product producers as well as improving their social welfare: "Currently “Kənddən Şəhərə” works with one sales center and it also envisages the activities of fairs to expand sales opportunities".

Leyla Mammadova, Director of the State Agro Trade Company, mentioned that one of the activities of the State Agro Trade Company, which uses modern methods and innovative initiatives to achieve the targets is to carry out the sale under a single name. According to supposed plan, first and foremost, the southern region's natural and qualitative Hashemi rice, Jalilabad peas, honey and beekeeping products from 11 regions, as well as fruit packages were carried out: “900 grams packaging quality of Hashemi Rice is high, and the price is more profitable. The other product is pea, the price of 700 grams is lower than the average market price. There are also 10 different types of honey collected from 15 beekeepers in 11 regions. These scales are packed in 150 and 300 grams. The fourth product is fruit juices. 8 different products are packaged - apple, pomegranate, pomegranate peel, grape, plum, persimmon, tomato and feijoa.The products are packaged in 150, 200, 250 and 500 grams.”

Later, the presentation of the online sales platform "Kənddən Şəhərə" was also presented. Leyla Mammadova stated that the online trading platform k-s.az will be put into operation by the end of May: "It will be available in three versions. Payment can be done online and as a cash.”

Leyla Mammadova mentioned that the price of packaged products within the social project "Kənddən Şəhərə" is beneficial and the quality is according to food safety standards. The reason for low prices is the fact that products are bought directly from farmers, lack of great business interest, but at the same time, the sale of products of small and medium farmers is a priority target.

The State Agro Trade Company announced that systematic and sustainable work will be done to increase the sales opportunities of farmers.